Bluefly Ball Bags - Pics!

  1. So, I do not think that the Ball bag is the "perfect" first Bottega bag for me. I LOVE the woven leather and LOVE the chocolate color but I think I am going to try out the Veneta before making a decision. Even though I am probably not keeping either of these bags, I thought that I would post pictures for all to enjoy! I am 5'6", 122 pounds, size 6.




  2. wow, they came already??? impressive! i'm having some second thoughts too, but i want to try them on before i decide. those bluefly prices just sucked us right in, didn't they? ;)
  3. LOVE those bags, esp. the darker color. It has to be the 'right' bag for you, so try out everything, but the proportion of the bag is great - perfect for your height. Post pix of the Veneta when you can! :smile:
  4. I'm so envious that you managed to grab the ball bags from Bluefly! When I got to Bluefly, they were out. :sad:

    I agree with macbagger -- the proportions of the ball bag look great on you. Let us know which one(s) you decide on!
  5. Yes, it's a very good size on you. But if you're just not feeling it, return the bag(s). Thanks for the pics.
  6. I love your hair!!

    I agree with what the others said, don't keep it if you're not 100% in love, even if it's a good deal. I think the dark one looks awesome though!!
  7. I think the bag looks GREAT on you, the size is just right.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
  8. shoppingsmycard - I must live close to the distribution center because I always get things from bluefly quickly! What are your second thoughts? I am not sure exactly why I don't love them . . .
  9. You look great with the Ball! I especially like the Noce on you. But if you have any doubts at all, do take your time and trust your instincts. :yes:

    Thanks for the pictures. Btw, nice hair - love the curls!
  10. I think the ball looks great on you! I really do! The Noce is such a pretty color.
    I have the large veneta. Both bags have their great points, but i think the handle on the veneta is nicer.
  11. Well. I think you look great with the Ball! But, then again, I'm a big fan of the Ball bag. You are also the perfect height and stature for it too. I have the feeling that you'd look good in any bag though!
  12. Actually seeing these bags on you makes me want one more :sad:. I hadn't considered the Ball before now but I think this might be my next BV.
  13. iluv....i sent both of them back as well. i can't put my finger on it either, but i'm not in love...and i should be for that price. the opening wasn't as functional as i wanted it to be, which was one factor....but otherwise, it just wasn't a fit for some reason.

    i think my first will end up being a campana or a sloane...just more my 'style' i guess.
  14. The bag looks great on you!! But there are other BV's waiting for you to find them!
  15. looks lovely but if you're not happy then it's best to find a bag you fall head over heels for :biggrin: