Bluefly Balenciaga Quickie Sale

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  1. 15 minutes in and all gone! Did anyone get anything?
  2. It looks like they're selling out fast.
  3. TFP! It looks like they've got some bags on there that have been there forever! Probably trying to purge some inventory!
  4. Oh, I'm too late!!! darn it!
  5. I got the email, I went to the website of Bluefly when the quickie sale just started 3 mins, so they had 1:57 mins left over, I saw some bags, I couldn't add any in my shopping bag, cuz it went to my shopping bag but shopping bag is " empty" & ask ed me to contact the customer service, blah blah, it happened with all of them, end up, 2 mins later, all gone:yucky:
  6. has anyone ever scored anything from the Bluefly Quickie Sales?
  7. The only thing that people seem to get from these sales are heartache and pain.
  8. ^ couldn't agree with you more!
  9. I've never gotten anything. It's always sold out.
  10. Seems a little suspicious, maybe its just a scam :cursing:
  11. I was actually able to add a bag and checkout. I got the brown Matelasse in Med. I'm so surprised, but then again my order can still get cancelled, so we'll see.

    btw, does anyone know if these bags are returnable?
  12. Yup. I think it is a ploy to draw attention to the site so people will check out what other "great deals" they might have...
  13. Matelasses are gorgeous though --- oh well!
  14. I opened it up as soon as I got the email. And now its either contact CS or sold out. gahhhh