Bluefly Bags

  1. Hi,

    Is it me, or are the bags on bluefly looking super fake???

    i have a fendi spy in my shopping bag now, should i get it? Why are the straps not braided???
  2. The unbraided strap thing might be an old picture, someone posted a few days ago that the design mockups Fendi made didn't have the braided handles, and some people were using those pictures by accident, even though they were shipping the real bags. That said, others have had some trouble with getting fakes from Bluefly recently, those were Balenciagas:
    So I'm wary of all their bags now . . .
  3. All of their balenciagas are fake!!!! yikes....if im paying that much, i do not like to know that their stuff is fake. I cant believe that they didnt know that their bags are fake!
  4. Ok. I'm having a slow moment.

    How can bluefly sell fake bags? That website has all authentic items. Are you guys sure they are selling fake bags?

    Isnt that like saying or sells fakes too. I don't think that's possible.
  5. Bluefly just need to take better pictures of their products.
  6. Today's bags were fake. If you do closeups you can see that the bales weren't even the right thickness, let alone shape. One of their buyers must have scammed them or one of their suppliers did. Their merchandise has been authentic in the past, so let's just hope this was an aberration. The bags have been reappearing on the site periodically through the day so look for yourself at the hardware (I imagine this is as orders are cancelled from those who have looked more carefully at the photos. I didn't look carefully at first either because Bluefly has always been reputable. There's a lesson right there...). Or, if you don't know what to look for, look at the threads on the Balenciaga boards.
  7. I ordered a Paddy tote yesterday. I will post when I get it in. I love Bluefly - it will be a bummer if they start selling fake bags.
  8. I don't believe bluefly sells fake. Bluefly is even being advertised by a numerous magazines that are very reputable. I am pretty sure that they sell all 100% authentic bags & shoes...etc.
  9. That's way too scary...I totally trusted bluefly. I guess I'll have to do my research before buying a purse from them.
  10. Oh no--please don't tell me this is extended beyond the fake-looking Balenciagas...
  11. Ah--so happy to hear that this isn't a problem too. (Know nothing about Spys)
  12. So far, from posts, it seems they have some authentic and some possibly fake

    Its so sad :sad: