BlueFly Bag Sweepstakes

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  1. I mentioned it on the front page - you don't want to miss this! Yeah I know, I'm really late on this one, but there's still 4 more days to go. Register today and get a shot at some really fancy bags, including an Hermes Birkin!

  2. I signed up a while ago and asked that I get daily email reminders about the sweepstakes. The weird thing is they only send reminders out Mondays through Fridays. I gotta remember on my own on the weekends.
  3. I didn't sign up!!! Better get on that before it is too late.
  4. Unfortunately, it'sonly for US resident.
  5. I've won free shipping several times and 10% off too. No bags yet though......................
  6. *Sigh* I've won a bunch of free shipping and discounts too. Those seem pretty plentiful, plus they're subtle incentives from Bluefly to buy more, which is the whole point of the promotion I guess...
  7. Bleh I always win free shipping and 10% off, no bags yet!
  8. same here got about ten 10% off and three free shippings

    am so close to getting the bag
  9. This stupid game.. I wonder if anyone has even won?????I have 6 free shipping, and 4 10% off. I get like to bags in a row... and I'm like "YAYA I might of won!!!" Third's blows my enthusiasm:sad:
  10. I love bluefly but I sometimes wonder if their name brand purses are authentic. Do you guys know?
  11. I've heard good & bad things about bluefly. Whenever I'm about to make a purchase...I always back out (I don't wanna gamble on something that may/may not be authentic)...anyways...
  12. Thanks Kojiko. =)
  13. Bluefly are authentic, they just run older collection models for cheap. I wouldn't worry about the autheticity when it comes to BlueFly.
  14. Thank you so much Vlad!! I bought a Fendi from them awhile ago and I couldn't find a way to ck for the authenticity. Now I can wear my Fendi with pride! :lol:
  15. LUCKY magazine likes bluefly, so they are probably ok. Also,, the shopping website, recommends them.
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