BlueFly Bag-O-Rama anybody win???

  1. Has anyone here ever one a bag?
  2. I've been trying every day. I'm even starting to resent it...LOL Having to type in my password...blah blah blah to only have twice won Bonus dart!
  3. Not yet. Maybe one of these days.
  4. not yet. The most I've gotten is 10% off codes...
  5. No me either! I hope someone on here wins!
  6. OMG I love playing this!! I get bonus darts all the time...and have gotten (2) 15% off codes....I know..I hope a pf'r wins too!!!!
  7. I've been playing every single day ... oh why, oh why can't I win? LOL
  8. If you do a search, the last time Bluefly did this, a PF won a handbag. I can't remember what it was, but she won something really lovely.
  9. ^ So there's hope! :biggrin: This makes me want to play everyday!
  10. I've been playing also but I haven't won more than a free play or 10% off. Oh well.
  11. Lexie, when I read your post, I thought "Wait, I already replied to this thread???" :p

    I've been playing every day also. I have won a couple of free throws and discounts but I never used them. I just want to win a nice bag for free :yahoo:
  12. I must be a total geek when it comes to playing, my darts always go off the board, and I don't get codes, or bonus darts. The game's just become annoying to me. :yucky:
  13. If you click on a specific part of the dart it will go to a specific region of the board.

    i have yet to win though.
  14. I play every single day and haven't won a thing except a discount coupon for bluefly.

    My darts always go flying off the board in a crazy fashion, just like I'd throw themself. LOL!

    I wanna win!
  15. clicking on the left side will make the dart go left and the closer you click to the red tail part thing it will go further and higher.