BLUEFLY and Fendi Spy Bags

  1. Hi! I know there was some problems with Balenciaga bags on Bluefly. I have seen so many spy's pop up on Bluefly. Has any one purchased one? Are they authentic? I am a bit scared being the prices are so good. There is the honey/brown wisteria bag for $2100.00 on now and I know that retails for over $2800.00 with tax. Just wanted to know everyone's experiences before I order one. Thanks
  2. So far, so good. I think the problems have only been with Balenciaga and Chloe handbags. The only issue is whether or not you want to give a company your business that refused to admit that it was selling fake designer handbags, and also refused to rectify the issue with their customers (i.e., offer a full refund including all shipping costs).
  3. WoW! I can not beleive they did not refund the customer's there shipping. That is terrible customer serice.
  4. in the future please post anythiing authenticity related in the Authenticate This! sticky ;)
  5. Sorry! Can this be moved or deleted?
  6. I would be afraid to get bags from a company who has stained their reputation. So scary