Bluefly added a ton of new Chloes...

  1. I've never bought a Chloe from Bluefly, but they sure added a ton of new ones! Oh no, now I want another bag! :drool:
  2. Yes, I just saw them too, even the US SHOPPER in whiskey! It's been discontinued, so those of you that are looking for that baq, here's your chance:smile:
  3. Yes, All the new spring and summer models are going to kill me!! (financially)
  4. Weird...they have bay bags...:s they look odd to me.
  5. I thought that there were authenticity problems with the Chloes on bluefly. There have been several threads saying that bluefly Chloe bags may not be real. Was this problem fixed?:shrugs:
  6. Took the words right outta my mouth, in a manner of speaking (or typing) :yes:

    I am very, very tempted, but Bluefly admits to purchasing from resellers, and with rampant fakes out there, I gotta admit I'm a little scared...

    WITH a bag in my cart I admit this... to buy, or not to buy...
  7. I got it!! If it's fake, I'll send it back!!!! Thanks Beanie. BTW there is a 15% coupon MISSEDYOU112 and if you order through Mr. Rebates there is another 6% rebate.....
  8. Bluefly sent me this for $1200:



    Please please do not buy from Bluefly!!
  9. that choco paddy looks so stiff, should def. avoid bluefly!
  10. That choco paddy was so grossly fake :mad::rant::censor:

    The Bluefly management swore it was authentic, ya right!!!
  11. i have purchased shoes from bluefly, someone said the bags were not authentic? i don't think i would buy a handbag from them.
  12. Please see above for UGLY FAKE Chloe that Bluefly sold me!!!

  13. I do not think they deliberately sell fakes. I know that some people have gotten them, but I think that Bluefly was scammed when they bought them, and that most (!) of the time you are getting a real Chloe. I have gotten two bags from them, both real, so it may be that you just have to take the chance if you want it. I think with such an easy return policy, it won't be a problem. Congrats on the whiskey! I have this bag and it's absolutely gorgeous, plus you probably won't see it again anytime soon, especially new! The US is stunning in the whiskey. I get stopped on the street getting asked about it!:yahoo:
  14. I am very excited and since I missed out on a beautiful tan (from a lovely tPFer) recently I wasn't going to let another one get away. I have bought (and returned) from bluefly quite a bit and have never had a problem (although admittedly never a handbag). My fingers are crossed--will keep you all posted!!
  15. Bluefly sold me two fakes and now they're being VERY difficult about returning it. DO NOT buy from bluefly