Bluefly 5 days of discounts - today extra 20% off on shoes

  1. I know -- not handbags, but there are some really lovely shoes selling for up to 65% off!

    Wonder when bags are going on sale :biggrin:
  2. the shoe deals are great :tup: i've just ordered 5 pairs!
  3. I was about to buy a pair when I got out from under me, good deals though!!
  4. I price-matched for a pair of Cole Haan pumps with Zappos (same price but get them on Tues!), and I'm debating getting some Stuart Weitzmans...does anyone know if they run true to size?
  5. Hi BondGirl,

    Yes, Stuart W. run TTS for me!!
  6. Thanks! I think I'll take the plunge and try them...
  7. I bought a pair of Tony Burch 'Susie' espadrilles for $93. Ive been eyeing these since this summer. Im glad that Im finally getting them. Do Tory Burch shoes run true to size? I purchased a size 8 but really wear a 8.5.