Bluefly 25% off Private Sale Today (7/15)

  1. I had read some posts on purse forum about Bluefly selling fake stuff. I thought it was some isolated incidents and maybe they were duped by a supplier.

    However, after doing a forum search for bluefly, wow it is so much worse than I thought. They are apparently a pretty low life company selling lots of fakes.

    Just thought you might want to know. I posted a coupon code for them several weeks ago but now I'm very glad I never bought from them.
  2. ^^what else has been discussed as fake on forums? I heard about the Manolos, and the Chloe bags. Were there more suspect items?
  3. balenciagas were also fake.
  4. Should have checked here....I just got a Tan Chloe Paddington from them...compared it the one I got from LVR - definitely a fake, and a very low quality fake too...