Bluefly 15% off Code


    Good for 1 week only.;)
  2. Fab!! I go crazy there! Except when something really great comes on, like the Fendi I have been dying for, there is just no catching it :censor:
    if anyone has any secrets, let me know!
  3. Thanks to you I got the Gucci for 240.00!!:graucho: I couldn't resist the BBag!! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for posting! Just used the code and it worked beautifully!
  5. thanks addicted!
  6. You're welcome! I love using codes on bluefly! I always look for codes before buying anything! Glad you girls could save some $
  7. addicted you are the best! Will be using...
  8. thanks so much for this information..
  9. Thanks addicted. You saved me $100 on a Prada purse. I couldn't resist it at such a discount now I just hope it will be authentic.
    Thank you again for such a great deal
  10. you totally rock! thanks!
  11. This code didn't work when I tried it now. Does anyone have a new code?