BLUEFLY 10-hour designer shoe sale - $99.99 each!!!

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  1. Karetotalk mistakenly posted this as a DSW promotion, so I'm re-posting a thread here so everyone can find the bluefly sale. HUGE selection right now - ends at midnight tonight!!

    I just got a pair of Stuart Weitzmans and Nanette Lepores - with a $30 off from their "shopaholics" game promotion - BOTH pairs shipped for $177 total! That's $870 in shoes for $177!!

    Check it out!!
  2. ^ thanks, and sorry mods, my brain wasn't working. i couldn't figure out how to change the title of the thread if that was possible.
  3. No problem! I actually haven't figured out how to do that, either - that's why I figured I'd repost! I got some GREAT deals! Have you snagged anything yet?:yahoo:
  4. no, not yet. i saw a few things that i liked, but nothing that was screaming out to me. i have been spending so much money from all of the sales, that i'm trying to put a ban on myself from shopping for a little while... but i thought this was a great deal and i hope people get to take advantage of it! congrats on your shoes, i love both nanette and SW :tup:

  5. This SHOULD be me - I've been shopping more NOW than before the holidays, ugh! I justify it with (1) I'm doing my part for the economy, and (2) I'm saving a TON of money. Plus, I'm still in my birthday month (it was 6 days ago - and relatively unremarkable), so if I really needed a 3rd justification, that would be it. lol:graucho:
  6. aww happy birthday, ruemode!! the best way to celebrate is with new shoes. i definitely have spent more now than before the holidays... i was so good then... it's just hard with such great deals, since you know that we'll never see some of these prices again. so in essence, we are saving a ton of money.

    ps, i have SW Bowlina espadrilles (available in sz 7, 7.5 and 8.5) and they are so comfy and cute! perfect for spring and summer. i got them from dsw last year.
  7. lots of beautiful shoes here... have fun, ladies!!