Blueberry Work!!!

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  1. I just ordered a blueberry work from Bal NYC!! Sarah emailed me pictures of the grenat and the blueberry! The blueberry is stunning - so I took the plunge! I'll wait to see the grenat up close and personal!
  2. congratulations shoegal! i would love to see pics when you get it, blueberry is so gorgeous!
  3. :yahoo: :yahoo: Yay!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: Please post pictures! Great choice!
  4. Very exciting! Congrats!
  5. o0o0o000 weeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! BLUEBERRY work!!! awesome!!! SO exciting!!!!!! i cant wait to get my hands on ONE of these!!!!
  6. Can't wait to see pictures. That is going to be one yummy bag:smile:
  7. aaarrrggghhhh i so envy you :P
  8. Shoegal: Welcome to the Blueberry club!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see your pictures -- Woooohoooo!! I got my Blueberry city this weekend and am loving it, so I can't wait to hear how you like your new work.
  9. yippy, congratulations shoegal, you're gonna love it!!!
  10. Yay!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  11. Yay!!! Woohoo, Shoegal!!! Please post pics when you get it! :smile:
  12. :cry: i just rang BalNY and i got a really rude SA... :Push: shes like, "no we dont get told when it will arrive or anything like that - ok? thank you for calling" and hung up on me!!! :cry: i never even got a chance to say thanks or good bye!

    all i wanted to know was the BLUEBERRY coming in soon or not... she couldn't even give me llike a rough outline or anything! :cry:
  13. What?!? That's awful!!!! OMG! It's probably that horrible Terry!!! :mad:
  14. Congrats Shoegal! The blueberry is very pretty. Would you mind posting the grenat and blueberry pics that BalNY sent you?
  15. OMG, helen-girl, you poor thing, i can't believe she did that to you :cry: ...i've never dealt with terry ('cause she looks like a meanie), but i've heard she's got a bad reputation to go with her look time you call, you should ask for daphne, kim or sarah...they would never treat someone like that!!!
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