Blueberry VS Ink

  1. Does anyone have both of these colors? I would really like to compare them to see the difference.


  2. I don't have either one but I'm really enjoying your new b bag obsession Ms K :yahoo:
  3. Glad I can entertain! :P When all of this started I just firgured I was too old and not cool enough to pull off the b bags. Now, well, I just don't care! :yahoo:

    I do need to slow down though, DH only knows about ONE bag and I have TWO with another one on the way!! :shame: Fortunately he out of town for awhile and I don't have to admit to binging all at once! :sweatdrop:
  4. My DH remembers colors, not I've found buying multiple bags in one color seems to confuse him :angel: (now does the magenta obsession make more sense?)

    So what color is B bag #3?
  5. I have the 3 in Ink and my new Bluebarry came 2 days ago. I love both. I think I may be partial to the Ink though. ( I mean who buys 3 in the same color? diff. style of course!) but I love my Blueberry. Next I need a neutral color or PINK! (I'm a pink girl!)
  6. #3 is magenta!!! :yahoo:

    Yes, the numerous magenta bags make much more sense!

    I know the ink is supposed to have purple in it, I assume it is a darker color and that blueberry is a bit more vibrant? Anyway I could get a photo????

  7. Ohhh I bet I know what Magenta is it!!
    I think you'll love it, magenta is such a bright and fun color.
    I think Ms. Lake can vouch for that!
    Right Ms. Lake?
    Now I totally understand your madness for Magenta. The less explaining the better LOL!
  8. Yep, I can't wait to get the magenta box!! I hope it works for me. I had the twiggy and it seemed a little long for me but it could have just been the bag, it was pretty sad.

  9. Ms Vixy - you kill me :lol:

    K - I was hoping your third was that magenta box...gotta keep it in the family :yes: . And BTW - I adore your blueberry city...I saw a blueberry day at NM last ALMOST came home with me........the color is gorgeous :love:
  10. K - If you thought the twiggy was a tad long, then the box would be perfect for you, it's more proportionate. Box+Magenta = win win situation LOL!