Blueberry smoothies: an enemy of a celine beige box

  1. Pure disaster. I carried too much stuff and tried to open a car trunk at the same time. As I about to leave home yesterday, I carried my celine purse (on my shoulder), a laptop bag (on the other shoulder), a lunch bag (in my hand) and a cup of blueberry smoothies (on the other hand). As I opened the trunk with the hand that had wonderful smoothies, it slipped off my hand. Yep, pure disaster...Some got on my skirt (good thing the skirt's black), didn't get in my car trunk (thanks goodness), and some on my pink shirt. Then, the worst thing was when I looked at my beige Celine box purse. Almost having a heart attack...some got on it. I ran inside (panic, of course) and tried to wipe blueberry off from my purse.

    Thanks goodness that I have used Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care to protect the bag. The smoothies drops came off like magic. But it was such a horrible experience.

    For those who like smoothies, be careful! This pic was taken the day before the disaster.
  2. Well, I'm glad there was a good end to the story!! When I saw the name of the thread, I was like :wtf:

    Great mod pic too!!
  3. oh my, my heart was beating hard. I felt as if it was my bag that went through the blueberry blast, lol!

    Glad you were able to clean it off and thanks for mentioning that you protected your bag. I applied Apple conditioner but should spray it with a protectant.

    Looking great with your box in the mod pic :biggrin:
  4. Thank you. I am also glad that the end was alright! I almost had a heart attack when I saw blueberry spots on it. I can't imagine what it would have been like without the protector...a "custom" purple polka dot on a beige box. :sweatdrop:
  5. omg!! i am going to buy cadillac this weekend. so glad the crisis was averted!

    what an effective ad this would be ;)
  6. It that isn't a heads up to get some leather protector... off to see where I can buy it.
  7. I am on their site now, what exactly did you use and can it be used for all leather bags or just certain types of leather?
  8. It's this product --

    you can buy it at Nordstroms
    that stuff is a miracle worker! I haven't used anything else on my bags in years!
    I've used it on all types of leather -- calf, lamb, untreated, treated, washed, lacquered.
    You can't use it on suede, but just about anything else you can
  9. That's the product. It's not expensive. You can also buy it through Amazon.

    I use it on shoes, purses, etc. The product is not expensive.
  10. pheew what a relief, i've heard good thing about cadillac and celine i think i'm gonna get them too
  11. Yes. This product is highly recommended. From now on I just have to remind myself to apply the product on my shoes and purses every so often.
  12. Just wondering of you've ever used it on Louis Vuitton vachetta?
  13. Oh no. I have never tried it on lv vachetta and I won't. For vachetta, I have used spray type...can't remember the brand but it's something that I can also use for suede leather.
  14. Oh ok! Well I'll still get this for my other things! Thanks for the tip and SO THANKFUL your bag is ok!!! :smile:
  15. I want this Cadillac cream! I can't find it here and the seller on Amazon does not ship internationally. however, there's lots of Collonil retailers ... can someone advise me what is the Collonil product (they are here: that is the equivalent of the Cadillac shoe cream?

    Many thanks!