Blueberry smoothie RECIPE

  1. Just thought I'd's my fav blueberry smoothie recipie that I love:

    -Half a frozen banana (chopped and diced so it's easier on the blender)
    -6 oz container of stoneyfield farm organic fat free vanilla yogurt
    -1 tsp honey
    -1/2 tbsp ground flaxseed (you can find at your nearest health food store)
    -1/3 c milk (I use fat free)
    -2/3 c frozen organic blueberries (I like the whole foods 365 organic brand)

    I think it make's two cups or so. Enjoy! :P
  2. Yummy!

    I like blueberries, strawberries bannanas, fat free vanilla or plain yogurt and orange juice. Adding pineapple sherbet kick up a notch. Not as healthy as yours but might tasty.
    I love that you give measurements. I just toss into a blender at random and let it go!
  3. Sounds good!
  4. Oooooo pejcharat I never thought of the pinapple sherbet, sound yum. I may try that because the recipe I gave can get boring sometimes. Thanks for tip!
  5. *drools* ahha i've been making milkshakes all summer long.. this.. i gotta try!
  6. sweet! I hope you enjoy it's really yummy and is good for ya too!
  7. I make a smoothie every morning before I go to work. That's my healthy morning breakfast. I bought a smoothie maker 3 years ago and ever since then I've been making smoothies almost everyday and I love it! I Will try this recipe, it sounds really yummy!
  8. Yummy!
  9. sunnydqt, what's the difference between a blender and a smoothie maker?
  10. Blue_Butterfly,

    Try it out, orange juice or orange sherbet is great as well. I love smoothies, I'm always mixing it up with frozen peaches or mangos.

    I use Jamba juice smoothies as my inspiration!
  11. I make the same smoothie (not with sherbet) but I add some protein powder and ice cubes to your original recipe. I guess the ice just adds to the mass a little, making you feel like you have more. I love it!
  12. Just saw this post! I used to add ice and sometimes I still do. Gives it mass and makes it nice and cold.