Blueberry Owners (and non);

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  1. Hi ladies. Would like some opinions from those of you with Mulberry bags in the blueberry colour (and even those of you who don't own but have at least seen in person). How often do you use them/how versatile do you find the colour?

    I'm currently agonizing over a blueberry bag vs another in a more traditional but funky black in the clutch style.

    I'd love some feedback!

    As an aside, it's not the bright colour that is causing me to hesitate as I own the burnt orange Daria satchel -- and that's not a tame colour -- I'm just curious how happy you are with the shade. It's hard to get a true sense of it through pictures online.

    Thanks in advance, lovelies.
  2. i had a blueberry bag, and didnt really use it much as it didnt tend to go with much. having said that i loved the colour itself!
  3. I was wondering about versatility when looking at the new bluey bays for SS11. I don't own any blueberry so can't help you there ditzy, sorry!
  4. I sometimes see a lady with the blueberry Bays clutch on the train and I would say it's more of a purple blue. Lovely shade, but not everyone's cup of tea!
  5. I have bays and bays clutch and it is more purple more like the current grape if you can get to see one of those- I love the colour and goatskin leather - I have the matching LL purse as well and love them
  6. That's kind of what I'm worried about.
    If I'm going to shell out this kind of cash, I don't want any regrets or to not be able to use it as much due to clashing.
  7. maybe go for the bag you think you will use the most. and maybe what you will use them for.
  8. I think that blue would be much easier to pair up with. It's intense shade but also fairly dark. You could make that pop with any number of combinations.

    Sometimes lighter shades, imho, or even mixed ones are harder to do that with.
  9. A very logical approach, BMB!

    I think Mulberry makes us all a little mad. I would love to get them both but that is just far beyond my abilities.
  10. Blueberry really is purple, not any shade of blue. I love my Blueberry Bays clutch; it's a statement bag. Are you considering a black Bays clutch? If so, in which leather? I think it came in antique, patent and cracked metallic in the black? :biggrin:
  11. Well THAT's very useful. I thought it might be hovering between the two to make up, well, "blueberry". It definitely is a statement bag in that shade, and I think lovelier in the smaller clutch format, too.

    I'm not really sure what the black is made of. The seller mentioned a sparkly gold tweed in black. And being an avid lover of gold, but thinking the cracked metallic gold perhaps a little too intense, I'm veryvery keen on it.
  12. I've seen the blueberry shade in real life and it's definitely purple not blue as Minimabel said. It's a beautiful striking colour but I don't think I would be able to wear it. I'm a black bag lover though so I'm declaring my bias here!
  13. Hi Ditzy, sorry for coming to this a little late, had a dreadful commute home!

    I have a Drew messenger from S/S in blueberry and I love it. Mine is not purpley at all, just a lovely true blue. When I went back home in June I got so many compliments on the bag & even the Mulberry sa's in Selfridges Manchester wanted to touch it. I have a Mulberry mail box keyring hanging from it & the colors make the other 'pop' if you know what I mean. It is a lovely color on a very underrated bag.
  14. It is a purple bag, looks very funky, but you have to really know how many pieces of your clothing go with the colour. It is hard to match, and very attention-grabbing. Mine I bought half price, would not go for a full price.
  15. Well the eBay listing has come and gone so it's not to be for now. But in the future I'll be better prepared for the possibility of acquiring it.

    You make a good point though, korzinka; if I could get a really great deal on it I would probably feel better about giving it minimal use.

    Thanks for all the great info, ladies. :]