Blueberry OR Rouge VIF First

  1. If you are to pick ONLY one the First style. Do you think blueberry looks nicer OR Rouge VIF?? The red is bright & catch ppl's attention while the blueberry is more subtle...ppl may not even notice you are carrying a bbag. What do you think? Do you think the Rouge is still available at AR?? Thanks a lot~
  2. HappyAngel, its' funny, I'm in EXACTLY that predicament myself! I'm chosing between either Blueberry or Rouge Vif in the First. Personally, I think:

    Blueberry - a very understated 'normal' colour. Will look great with jeans and sooo easy to match. Unfortunately, is also not very eyecatching.

    Rouge Vif - eyecatching but not as loud as Magenta. Will really brighten up your outfits and I consider it more 'special' looking than blueberry. Unfortunately may not be able to way with certain coloured outfits.

    On top of THAT, I also think the new French Blue is lovely, and a great compromise - as it's BOTH eye-catching and also a blue that will match easily.

    Decisions decisions :p Do keep us updated on what you end up choosing! I'm still debating.... ;)
  3. I love the rouge vif... you should get it in the First! :girlsigh:
  4. :happydance: I just ordered blueberry first..she is on her way. But I think rogue vif first is hot.
  5. Rouge vif is a beautiful color in the first style .
  6. Out of the 2, Rouge Vif. But the French Blue is lovely, so if you're considering that at all, that's my vote.
  7. I vote Rouge VIF. I love it.
  8. The blueberry has wonderful leather - I am not a red person but loved the rouille. I think I may get the french blue as it is a very different blue than blueberry. Unfortunately, whatever you choose will not satiate the desire for the other. Bbags have this effect on just about everyone.
  9. Either the VIF or the French Blue. I'm not a big fan of blueberry.
  10. I like the rouge vif.
  11. I think I'd go w/the French Blue but the Rouge Vif sounds beautiful, too!!:yes:
  12. Rouge VIF :biggrin: :yes: I think that color is gorgeous.
  13. Rouge Vif is drop-dead gorgeous. I love a pop of color in the first really looks good.
  14. Those two are both among my favorites, but if you had to choose one in a First, I'd say RV for sure.
  15. Another vote for RV! Plus, the blueberry bags were quite hit-and-miss in terms of the leather, while the RV bags were generally very soft and silky...