Blueberry or Damask Stripe Day?


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  1. Blueberry

  2. Damask Stripe

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  1. Ok, so I want to buy a Day from Aloha Rag, and tthey have the Blueberry and the Damask Stripe. I really would like a Rouge VIF but they don't have it and I haven't heard back from Shirise to see if they have it. Which one should I go for? :sweatdrop:
  2. I have the Blueberry City and the color is beautiful...I've seen the stripe one and the girl who had it was the SA at Amarees yesterday when I was there. The white part looked dingy and a little dirty. Thats what I would worry about. Its a hard call since both bags are so pretty.,,,but if you really want the Rouge one, why settle? Why not wait a while more till you can get the one you really want?...I was absolutley no help at all!
  3. Definitely a Blueberry Day!!:yes: :heart:It is 100% leather throughout, such buttersoft leather, how can you resist??:P
  4. Blueberry! Such a gorgeous color...
  5. I like the blueberry day more, the color is so amazing! :heart:
  6. i say rouge vif and wait, it's just amazing, the leather and the color.
  7. now that I cruised over to the Blue India thread, I would rather have a Blue India Day. Has anyone seen one?
  8. Allison- i ordered the Day Hobo in Blue/India from NM in Paramis NJ and i am getting it on Wednesday.:yahoo:
    OH WOW my sister lives in Lexington, KY.:smile:
  9. I guess I'm off to eBay to list one to get one.

    Nanaz, I almost moved to Lexington to go to pharmacy school at the university of KY, but I'm glad I decided not to go, I would have never met my husband. Lexington is a beautiful city though. More beautiful than Louisville.
  10. Allison- The faith was on your side. Pharmacy school is such a great option and i was going to do it but i changed my mind and went for PA and i only have one more year to finish. Best of luck to you. :heart:
  11. allison - def. the blue roi! it is tdf! i have a blue roi work and love it. the color is so deep and it looks great with so many outfits!
    the stripe is nice, but so busy i do not think it will go with as much.
    i saw a really nice blue roi day a month ago (great leather). i can check to see if it is still available. will get back....
  12. mona13- i want a Blueberyy City too but i just had to see the Blue India first and that is why i ordered the Day Hobo. This way i figured at least i can see the color in person and make up my mind. My SA's name is Cookie and she is wonderful, you can ask for her but call her today because i think she is going on vacation soon. I am gettin mine on Wed. and i cannot wait because originally i wanted the Blueberry and hopefully on Wed i can put an end to this saga. I will post pics when i get the Blue India Day.:love:
  13. Blueberry (unless you have the willpower to wait for Rouge Vif!):smile:
  14. nanaz - yes please do! i cannot wait to see this color! i either want the day as well or the work - or maybe the weekender ;)
  15. I have a black & white striped damask Day that I just love. I sprayed it with AG (cloth and leather parts) before I started using it, and it still looks as good as new. If you decide to get an all leather one I'd get the blue india.
    Here's a pic of my Day. It really is a fabulous bag. The detailing on the cloth part is gorgeous.
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