Blueberry Mini Bowling is here!! - Blue Comparison!!

  1. I am literally IN SHOCK right now......

    I have been preoccupied this week with stupid stuff going on with eBay, and didn't have time to prepare myself... My Blueberry Mini Bowling arrived today and it is GORGEOUS..... Did I mention - I am in shock???

    A few of you may know, I have been longing after blueberry for a while, but never felt like anything was right - I finally decided like it felt right to take the plunge, and WOW, was it ever right?? Thanks to citychris!! My fellow Blue Bal enthusiast... you are the best!!

    This is it. :nuts: This is what I have been looking for!! I have been getting all kinds of colors (Ink & Indigo...) trying to satisfy my need for Blueberry, but only now after getting it - I know this is IT. The leather is fantastic, especially on this style... it practically feels like it melts when you set it down - but looks very nice on!!

    Comparison pics of Blueberry Mini Bowling, Marine City, Ink First, and Aqua First... I threw my Sandstone PT in just for fun in a few of them.

    Enjoy!! (sorry about the hastiness of the pics... I was getting ready to walk out the door.)
    3Blues - Aqua, Blueberry, Marine.jpg 3Blues 2 - Aqua, Blueberry, Marine.jpg 5Collection - AqBlInMaSa.jpg BlueberryBowling1.jpg 4Collection - AqBlMaSa.jpg
  2. More pics....

    Inside is perfect for me - because it is big enough that I can carry a magazine or a book or two - but doesn't look odd if it just has basics in it...

    Blueberry & Marine... and a up close color comparison of Blueberry, Marine, & Aqua.

    :girlsigh: ....
    Inside Blueberry.jpg Blueberry&Marine.jpg ColorComparison -AqBlMa.jpg
  3. wow, that is gorgeous!! i just talked to daphne at bal-ny about a blueberry courier. how would you compare it to an ink? it looks so bright next to the marine. would love to know what you think re: brightness.

    congrats again!
  4. LOL... I was supposed to have left already... but I am still sitting here oogling over pictures and hugging my Blueberry....... :drool: :drool:

    Nicole, in the very first picture Blueberry is in the middle, Marine is to the left, Ink to to the right... Marine & Ink are VERY simliar. The only different is that Marine doesn't really have any purple to it, but the are same darkness wise.

    I would say the Blueberry is a brighter blue then the Ink/Marine, but not overpowering... In my opinion, it is a subtle - yet noticable color. I had a Indigo City that I sold, because it was more "I'm here and I'm blue" then I was looking for right now... I need bags that will go from work to play for a graduate "MBA" environment - so I was looking for more professional colors...

    I guess the best way to put it, is that Blueberry is DEFINATELY a blue, whereas Marine & Ink sometimes look black depending on the light.

    IMO - Blueberry is perfect, because it is dark enough to be professional, yet has enough color to it to be fun. :yes:
  5. Congrats!!!!!
  6. ITA, blueberry is perfect for me as well. Just bright enough to be fun, but still sophisticated. So deep, rich, and satisfying...I never get tired of looking at this color.

    I also agree that the mini-b is a great style because it looks great without much in it, but it's really easy to fit a lot (e.g., magazines, files, etc.)

    I'm so glad you're sharing the blueberry love!
  7. enjoy! Nice collection!
  8. Wow. You have a nice BLUE collection going on. So Cool! ENjoy your new bag!:yes:
  9. I love all blue Colors!!! Your Collection is stunning
  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! I totally need a Blueberry Day to add to my collection. That color is just stunning!
  11. Thanks for all of the nice comments!

    I finally feel like I have conquered my need for blue (for now), and can move on to other great Bal colors.... that is after my finances get a much needed break.... Three bbags in 3 weeks is fantastic for the closet - not so good on the wallet. :push:

    That's okay, because my blueberry will get me through a lil break! :tender:
  12. Love the blueberry. So Lush!!.

    I really love the collection of blue's you have. Hmmm i think i have found a new love in marine.
  13. YAY a fellow blueberry enthusiast! I totally agree w/h your description of the colour and btw I loooooooooooove your mini bowling, I need one so bad (hopefully in grenat). I totally think it is the perfect blue, and glad you found the perfect blue for you!!!
  14. what a cute collection, big congrats on the new mini bowling, I love how it fits a magazine and still looks small-ish and cute! :heart:
  15. I love the mini Bowling and Blueberry yummmm. :drool: Congrats.:yahoo: