Blueberry Epi!!!

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  1. This color is sooooo stunning!!!! Although I have 3 Alma PMs in Cyan, Coquelicot and black; and 2 Alma BBs in black and lilac nacre already. I wanna sell my lilac nacre and maybe the Coquelicot for the PM BLUEBERRY, what do you think??? I need help!!!!

  2. is the blueberry a permanent or seasonal color? if it's seasonal, i would sell something to purchase this. To me this is the perfect shade of blue. i love it in Epi. good luck with your decision.
  3. Aarrghh!!! I don't know if it would be redundant to own both the Cyan and Blueberry? Both are gorgeous and different in their own ways - but both are in blue tone!! What should I do??
  4. This is a beautiful color! Good luck on whatever you decide. I have a LV Alma BB in amarante, which I always enjoy carrying.
  5. lol but the cyan is in the pm size, you're justify to have both!
  6. Blueberry is just gorgeous. I asked an SA if blueberry is a seasonal color -- she said yes. But as we all know, sometimes seasonal colors are extended. Isn't cyan a bit lighter and more on the teal side of blue? Good luck deciding.
  7. Colour is seasonal for 4 months I would definitely buy it!
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    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
    It is gorgeous and with your suede loafers, it's perfect! I'd sell the lilac nacre for this without hesitation. As for Coquelicot, do you have any other bags in that color family? Do you like the color and do you wear it often? I love that shade of " red", but I think I may prefer Coquelicot in the BB size. I think a PM Blueberry would be fabulous! It would look amazing with navy, ivory,white, denim, primary colors...Do you find the Cyan versatile? It's beautiful, and I nearly purchased that color in early Spring, but I'm not sure it would complement my wardrobe. I do wear warm colors. I have Epi Piment, Amarante and DE Alma BB's and am looking to add a PM.
  9. Cyan and blueberry has two totally different shade
  10. Just tried on the PM. It looks really big in this blue. The BB is more proportionate?

  11. love this color - and love the PM --- I like blueberry much more than cyan....
  12. I love the blueberry bb
  13. I'm loving this new blue also, but waiting to see what the blueberry will look like in vernis coming out in June. And then Its either going to be epi or vernis in blueberry!!

    It looks perfect on you, especially with those gorgeous flats! I love the coquelicot color and its pop of color with the red and orange hues. I have a pochette nm in coquelicot and get many compliments on this color. Would you regret selling your lighter color lillas nacre since you don't have a lighter color Alma? What if you sold one of the black ones? As for the Cyan color, is it easy to match with your wardrobe?
  14. The blueberry BB is gorgeous.
  15. I agree. Blueberry is gorgeous!