Blueberry Day?

  1. My obsession with the blueberry day doesn't seem to be diminishing. Does anyone know of any stores carrying one? Or am I just going to have to wait for the unlikely possibility that one pops up on eBay...

    P.S. Post pix of your blueberry days for me to drool over!
  2. I think there is one on eBay right now...
  3. Hmm I saw a few blue days, but none of them struck me as blueberry? Maybe I was mistaken.
  4. I think Bal NY might still have one.
  5. Oh dear.... I had totally taken my mind off of this until you mentioned it! ;)

    It is a gorgeous bag - good luck!!
  6. hehe thanks :smile:

    I'll let you guys know if I find one! With pictures, obviously.
  7. Here's mine, please don't drool on it. :graucho:


  8. Can I drool if I promise to wipe it down after???
  9. Ok now I want a Blueberry Day....I really need to stop coming here!
  10. I bought one at BalNY about three weeks ago. I know that they had one more left. Hopefully it's still there. Good luck! I love mine!