Blueberry Day or Cornflower Work or Teal First?

  1. Why am I so indecisive...please help!
    ALSO considering: Teal Mini Classique and Blueberry Day, or Teal Mini Classique and Cornflower Work. Whatever shall I do?
  2. Blueberry day. I love that color.
  3. Blueberry I think :yes:
  4. i love the color of teal. so i would go for teal first :P
  5. Mini classiques are no longer made and there aren't that many to go around so I would get my hands on one of those first if the condition is good.
  6. Okay..I think I've decided then. Blueberry Day and Teal Mini Classique. Woohoo!
  7. If you like/want/need a first, I say teal, because it such an amazing color.

    If you want a larger bag, I vote for blueberry day -- the color and style are wonderful.
  8. list sort of *ahem* grew somewhat over the course of the day. I am now the soon-to-be proud owner of:
    -Teal Mini Classique
    -Blueberry Day
    -'04 Orange First
    Curse ye, Purse Forum- curse ye.
  9. whooo hooo!!! share pics with us when you get them!
  10. Blueberry! Of all the cornflowers I have seen, they are all usually very veiny.
  11. i'm eye balling a blueberry day at the moment - i'd totally go for the BLUEBERRY DAY... its such a wonderful colour!
  12. i said teal i adore the color and the leather is amazing!