Blueberry (Bleu Roi) pics compared to other blues

  1. Does anyone have some real life photos of the new Blueberry color? I've seen swatches of it, but never of an actual bag. I don't think they're actually out in boutiques yet, but you know, sometimes an insider can get one early, or at least get some pics. How does it compare to Ink? Any help would be appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. the blueberry is a true royal blue with pop & the ink is a darker, purplish blue :amuse:
  3. Thanks ladies! I just saw the Blueberry in the other thread and it's gorgeous. I hope someone has both a Blueberry AND an Ink so they can do a comparison photo. ;) That's wishful thinking, but you never know!
  4. here ya go, it's tkingny's blueberry city & ETenebris' ink city ;)

    p.s. as you can see, they're both gorgeous colors!!!
    DSCN0177.JPG Ink City inside.jpg
  5. wow! That's a big difference!
  6. Here's a pic of ETenebris' ink city (outside in sunlight) & tkingny's blueberry city side-by-side:
  7. Ooooh thanks gals! Now I can REALLY see the purplish hues coming out in the Ink.
  8. 0o0o0o, i love the blueberry, i just cant wait to get my hands on one!!! Daniellejp - are you going to get a blueberry b-bag??? hehehe!
  9. Oh gee.. I wish I didn't come upon this thread. Now I WANT a blueberry too!
  10. Me, too. :shocked: I wonder if I should change my blue-grey preorder to blueberry!
  11. Y'all are making me feel so good about my choice for my first bag. Thanks so much! :flowers:
  12. tkingny, it was definitely an excellent choice!
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. No way! The blueberry is gorgeous, but you KNOW the blue-grey is going to be amazing, too! And Bal NY only ordered 20 blue-grey City bags...don't cancel!