Blueberry/Bleu Roi--help please

  1. after seeing the blueberry work, I am on a mission! Has anyone seen the blueberry work or city or even first anywhere? I really would like a larger bag like the work but the city would do. I saw a DAY on e-bay but I really don't want that style. Any input appreciated:yahoo:
  2. I saw a blueberry first at BalNY this past weekend. You could call them and see if they have any left over in the styles you want.
  3. What other Bbags do you have in your collection? Have you tried out the Work style to see if you like it? What is it you love about the Blueberry colour? I love it, it even looks delish!
  4. :wtf: Whaaaa? There is still a blueberry first at BalNY??? Argh!! Why do I want one of every style in certain colors??? *Must be strong! Must be strong!*

    Blueberry is a gorgeous fun color!! I feel like I can dress it up or down fairly well... I think it is a great color for your first Bal or first blue....

    What others do you have?
  5. caprichosa4 good luck~
    I been looking to find one as a gift for my girlfriend (because that was the color I liked most) but no online stores seem to have any left (i'm in australia)~

    Actually LVR has one but it's a small whistle... (bleu roi = blueberry... isn't it?) i got their pdf today... will post the PDFs on a separate thread if you want to have a look... the problem is I've been looking for a blueberry city... or even a first... but not a small whistle :crybaby:

    If you do find a place with blueberrys left~ pls let me know too~!

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  6. I love my blueberry city - it is one of those colors that acts as a neutral - you can wear it with your jeans and almost any color top. The color is so rich and deep. I think this color will be one of the most collectible in the future. :drool:
  7. There was an auction for Blueberry Work that ended just yesterday, I believe. Other than that, I haven't seen one....I think your best bet is to wait patiently to pop up on eBay!

    Patience is the key!
  8. I was at BalNY on Saturday, and they did have a blueberry first. They probably still have it, so whoever wants it should give them a call soon before it's gone.
  9. Try your local Neiman Marcus and have them locate one for you, that's how I got mine two months ago.
  10. yes, we know how beautiful it is...! :drool: :drool:

    now just tell us where we can find one!!! :hysteric: :hysteric:

    Bbag colors are making me insane... :nuts: and i'm not even buying it for myself... :sweatdrop:

    By why is this so much fun...? :smile: Perhaps it's time to look for a men's besace for myself :idea:
  11. I've been looking for a blueberry city or day too! Where art thou???
  12. BalNY sent me this a few weeks ago when I was hunting for a first.. I didn't end up getting it so hopefully it's still there!! :smile:

  13. Wow--thanks everyone for all the replies!! Okay, KDC--right now, I have an emerald City bag and a Vert d'eau city and anthracite first are on the way---I think I will only keep one, but I wanted to see them in real life.
    Incoralblue: this is all your fault!!!:smile: I read your "anatomy of a work" thread and saw your blueberry work and fell in love! All of your bags are gorgeous but the blueberry really spoke to me! Will call NM today;)
  14. I saw a blueberry first at NM a while ago. It was way to small for me, but I was soooo tempted because that color is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  15. :yes: yeah it sold for quite cheap too! But I'm sure another one will pop up on eBay soon... but call NM and get them to hunt one down for you!!!

    GOOD LUCK - the WORK size is fab!