BLUEBERRY and DENIM MultiPockets are here!

  1. THEY'RE HERE!!!!!! I am so excited. The denim arrived today, so as promised I am posting pics side by side. The denim is not a baby blue...more of a grey-blue color, and the blueberry is a darker cadet-type blue. Of course I love them both. So...which is these is the "Devil Wears Prada" bag and which goes back to MJ? The colors are really hard to capture with my camera, so I took photos in several different locations for you. :tender:
    2 MJs DR.jpg 2 MJs DR floor.jpg 2 MJs LR.jpg 2 MJs LRfloor.jpg 2 MJs outside.jpg 2 MJs outside side.jpg
  2. I think I prefer the denim, but both are totally droolworthy! Are both interiors the same color?
  3. I was so excited I didn't even look! Okay...the blueberry is a little bit darker inside, sort of a pale chamois color. The denim is a little lighter than the other one. Not a huge or significant difference. The main issues are the white "edging" on the blueberry leather versus white stitching on the denim, and the depth/shades of blue.
  4. yeah, i see what you are saying.
    i think i prefer the denim because of the contrast stitching. I prefer it to the contrast edging or the blueberry.
    Lucky girl!
  5. Hmmm, they're both beautiful. I THINK I like the blueberry JUST a tad more because the gold hardware goes better with it. I always expect silver hardware for the cooler toned denim color, esp. with the white contrast stitching (the stitching IS white on the denim, correct?)
  6. ET, both shades of BLUE are beautiful!:smile:

    Which store did you buy them from???
  7. I have adjusted some of the photos after realizing how light they came out (at least on my monitor). It is almost impossible to capture the "true colors" of either bag! The blueberry is really rich blue, and the denim has a teal/grey sort of cast and is more medium blue. NOT baby blue. Here are a few "adjusted" photos.

    ocgirl, the stitching on the denim is white/off-white.

    juliet, I ordered them from the Marc Jacobs boutique in San Francisco. I have to pick between them and send one back on Monday. :nuts:

    The second photo here is the closest to the actual colors.
    2 MJs DR.jpg 2 MJs LRfloor.jpg 2 MJs outside side.jpg 2 MJs outside.jpg
  8. Even though I prefer the blueberry color in general over the denim, I don't like the white leather edges on the blueberry bag, and I do prefer the contrast stitching on the denim.

    So my vote goes to the denim.
  9. I think I prefer the Blueberry. I was also wondering if the Denim color might be pretty close to the Blue India Balenciaga that you are contemplating.....
  10. Both are gorgeous! I prefer the blueberry. Good luck deciding!
  11. HOLY CRAP!!! You got them! Do you mind me asking how much? Retail or were they onsale??
  12. :rolleyes: They look cute side by side...the Blueberry color is nice and deep, but I must say I'm partial to the Denim...I've got a Marina and a Zip Clutch in Denim and it's such a lovely, versatile color with a greyish hue that seems to fluctuate in different lighting situations...night time, day time. I'm not too keen about the white edging on the Blueberry... lends kind of a puffy/foamy appearance. Whichever one you choose will pair quite nicely with just about anything, so you should go with the one that you have the fewest reservations about. Now this is a choice that should be fun one to make...enjoy the weekend hanging out with both of these lovelies :graucho:
  13. Ohhh, they are both beautiful, but you know I'm partial to the denim.:rolleyes: My denim has the silver hardware, but I like it in the gold too. The blueberry is just a beautiful shade of blue. If it only had different color edging....

    Good luck with your decision!
  14. I love those! Both of them! I don't know if I can choose. The lighter color is the denim right? At first I went with that one. But then I looked at the second set of pics and loved the darker color. Sorry, I'm no help.
  15. Both are so beautiful, but I may be partial to the denim. The color is softer than the blueberry. Maybe look at yourself wih the purse on and different pairs of jeans (if that comprises a lot of your wardrobe - for me it does!)? I know with some of my blue bags in the past it looked too matchy matchy and I didn't like it. Let us know which one you choose!