Bluebelle the twiggy made her debut today

  1. Had to share. I have all my stuff in her and it ALL fits with room to spare. :yahoo:

    I :heart: her!

    (The only thing I've noticed about cornflower is that the periwinkle quality of the color does not really translate well in photos. :hrmm: )

  2. She is so purdy.

    I seriously love that color.
  3. Loving it. what did you wear with her?
  4. hehehe, we're twins!!! i love my twiggy too!!
  5. I wore all black with light blue leather flat mules.
  6. Hot!
  7. love that color!!
  8. YAY! More cornflower. I adore this color. Great looking bag!!
  9. this post-lubrooed?:yes:
  10. That would be a big 10-4 lil' buddy :graucho:
  11. Finally Roo!!! Love love love:heart: Pretty soon we can take pics of the twins;)
  12. wow, Roo, she's absolutely beautiful, just like a flower :flowers:
  13. Very nice, Roo! It looks so pretty (and moisturized)! :biggrin:
  14. ohhh cornflower is gorgeous............ *sigh* :love:
  15. I know, I can't wait! :yahoo: