Bluebell Madonna

  1. I think Geri Halliwell's baby is one of the cutest celebrity babies ever, next to Sean Preston and Shiloh Nouvel.
    bluebell2opt.jpg bluebell8opt.jpg bluebell1.jpg
  2. what a cute baby!!
  3. So adorable!
  4. SO CUTE!!! And Geri looks FANTASTIC!!!
  5. they're both adorable!
  6. Cute baby-awful name!
  7. :yes::yes::yes:
  8. adorable!
  9. i agree the baby is adorable and Geri looks SO GOOD! very pretty lol so much better then the glitter glam spice girl days :amuse:
  10. cute babY!
  11. She is adorable!! I have a desire to rename her though. How about Bridget Marie?
    Bluebell Madonna is just horrible. The kid doesn't even have a normal middle name to fall back on. I hate the way these goofy celebs make the kid's name an extension of their own egos, as opposed to giving the kid a name she might actually want to have herself.
  12. Ooohhhh! Those pictures are divine. Mama & baby are beautiful!!
  13. They look beautiful! And, yes, the name is awful!!!!!!!! What was Geri thinking?
  14. They both look beautiful. I agree the name is awful!
  15. Bluebell is Gorgeous! She is definitly the cutest celeb baby I have ever seen! xxx