Bluebell Madonna abused!

  1. The mother, Geri Halliwell, has complained to police that her daughter, (3-month-old) was physically abused. The complaint was about an incident concerning her daughter Bluebell whilst in the care of a temporary member of staff. So far, no one has been arrested. Poor Blu.....

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  2. I thought you were going to say that the authorities charged Geri Halliwell with child abuse for naming her daughter "Bluebell Madonna"!
  3. Whaaa?
  4. she looks quite young, i supposed coz she is petite.
  5. This was disturbing. Geri is probably very scared to let her out of her sight ever again.
  6. i thought some one threw a dumbbell at madaonna.. hahah i was way off
  7. Yes, she's like 5'2". :yes:
  8. Uh oh..... Isn't she very short like 3'5"?
  9. Awww. I hope her baby's not hurt.
  10. I never understood these celebrities that have other people take care of their kids. I couldnt do it. Its horrible that happened. They are only little for such a small period of time, I would want to spend as much time as possible. Hope her baby is ok. 3 months old is sooo little. I dont think I put my kids down for the first 3 months! LOL