Bluebell Alexa Mini - too mini?


May 9, 2014
I'm 5'10 & recently bought this exact bag. I love it, but I haven't bought it as an everyday bag - I like to carry this size of bag when I'm on holiday and am travelling light with just essentials (usually purse, sunglasses, lip balm & small sunscreen). It is actually bigger than I expected...
How do you find the length of the strap wearing it cross body?

You're a little taller than me and I find it sits a little higher than I would prefer.

Been having a play with it today and its so lovely. I'm just not sure I can justify the cost if its not 100% perfect for me, but then I don't want to return it and then regret it as I don't think I will easily find another new mini bluebell :s
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