- real MJ bags?

  1. Hey just wanted to know if anyone has tried
    Is that a trustworthy site? Thanks.
  2. Never bought from them, but they are an authorized seller (authentic!) of MJ
  3. Bluebee is an authorized seller of MJ stuffs. -)
  4. Not only are they an authorized seller, but if you get to their annual sale early, you can score EVERYTHING in the store for 50% off the first day, 60% off the second day, 70% off the third day, and yes, that's right, 80% off on the 4th day! I got a pair of Moschino shoes, Vera Wang shoes, a Cris cashmere sweater and a Splendid tee ALL FOR $200!!!!

    It's seriously the best thing ever. They had Luella Giselles going for like, pennies. Ah...I miss Santa Barbara. :crybaby:
  5. wow! do they have the sale online as well? and when do they usually occur?
  6. newbie -- It's not online...only in the stores (Blue Bee, Honeycomb, Blue Bee Jeans, and Blue Beetle). And I don't remember when they happen...I lived near the stores (a few blocks away) in Santa Barbara, so I'd just know when it was time. It was awesome. Seriously. On the last day if you bought things for 80% off they gave you a coupon to come back the next day and buy one item for 90% off.

    I never scored an MJ bag, the time, I couldn't even afford 70% off the MJ bags, and by the time the 80% off day rolled around, they were gone (and damn rightly so :lol:).

    If you plan on being in SB any time soon, you should definitely call the stores and see if they'll disclose the dates.