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  1. So i googled "Marc Jacobs Gold Venetia" and this site popped up...the only site i've found selling the bag i've been looking for! i know there are a lot of fake websites out there, and i've never heard of this site before.... just wondering if anyone knows if they sell 100% authentic items or not. there are lots of other goodies on the site as well :shrugs:
  2. Yes, authentic.
  3. Definitely authentic and I've been to the store in Santa Barbara-it's a great store!
  4. thanks for your replies!! i just might order my bag from there :yahoo:
  5. RE: Mulberry Ayler Woven Bag

    Hi Ladies,
    I know Mulberry are now making bags in Turkey and China. I've also heard Indonesia may be doing them as well. Want I want to know is does anyone have a genuine Mulberry Ayler Woven bag? If so does it say where it was made, as my friend has one and it doesn't have any tags or labels. Its a gorgeous bag, definetly quality leather, with all the trademarks of Mulberry.

    Is it true that some don't say where they are made at all. I have to say with the bag being woven, I'm not sure where they'd put it. if anyone has one, that doesn't have a 'made in' tag/label please please let me know ASAP.

  6. Definitely authentic! I've purchased both from their website as well as the store and it's all good! Great service and product selection to boot!!
  7. thank you, larnette! unfortunately i think i may have changed my mind about buying the MJ venetia.. i figure it is too heavy for me although it's a gorgeous bag. i will definitely use bluebee for future purchases though, it's nice to know that they are authentic with great feedback from customers :yes:
  8. No prob! Definitely check 'em out in the future though--I fournd fab cheetah D&G cocktail dress there for my husband's Christmas party this year and now I'm hooked!!! HUGE Selection of high end items!!