BlueBee 70% off select clothes, handbags, jewelry

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  1. Thanks, hopefully l find some jeans!
  2. anyone know if there are any coupons out?
  3. I live where Blue Bee is located (SB, CA). Their stores display only the new items but they tend to sell new and old on their web site.

    They hardly have coupon codes, but when they do, they send it out to their email list.
  4. I saw in the past they had an anniversary coupon in may, do thy do it very year? I want the iosselliani stacking rings, they're expensive and of they have 25% coupon that would be huge savings.
  5. This reminded me that they sent me an email I think around 4/13 about if I become a friend on facebook or twitter and some thing else I get $20 bucks for each one I do....well when I just looked in my past emails and found it, it expired 4/20...Bummer.
  6. Awww really?! Wish I had known