Blue Wool Boucle Bags?

  1. Hi,

    I recently bought a wristlet (#40114) and I wonder if anyone remembers what year this came out and if there are other bags that match it? I seem to remember seeing a hobo and satchel maybe on eBay but I'm not sure.

    My wristlet is the Midnight blue but I have also seen this in white.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Oh man, I want the shoes that match this so bad!!! I think this was fall/winter 05? Or was it 06..
  3. I cant help you with when it came out because I didnt buy Coach for a few years, but boy oh boy, is that too cute!
  4. I just purchased that wristlet off of eBay and the scarf to match!

    This line is from last summer and i am dying to find the hobo to match!

    And yes, there is also a satchel!

    The colors are Ivory and Midnight blue.
  5. I just found the catalog they are in.
    It's the one with the model sitting on the Signature Stripe reversable totes.
    On the back, there is a keycode IB25.
    It is from last summer because it says all items avail August (2006).

    I posted a pic of the wristlet and scarf in the June purchases thread.

    Soho Tweed Small Satchel #10071. $428. Midnight/Ivory.

    Soho Tweed Small Hobo #10069. $358. Midnight/Ivory.

    Cherise Tweed Pumps #Q107. $228. Midnight.

    Soho Floral Ponytail Scarf #98035. $48. Indigo/Ivory.
  6. Ooohhh thank you so much! I am obsessed with this and couldnt find it in any of the catalogs I have. :tup:
  7. I had the satchel that matched that wristlet for about 2 weeks, but returned it b/c it was just a touch too small (and it was handheld only and I really am a shoulder gal at heart). Seeing your wristlet does remind me about how cute it was though - congrats!
  8. I have the shoes, the satchel, and the satchel in midnight - my favorite set. I got the shoes at Christmas by calling almost every Coach store. There were on clearance at that time. If you do happen to find them on eBay (I have seen them once or twice in the last six months) bear in mind that the shoes run 0.5 to 1 size large. I do see the satchel occasionally on Ebay but it is getting more and more infrequent.

    I have attached a picture of the satchel in ivory for referance.
  9. The ivory satchel is beautiful. Thank you so much for the tips on the shoes. I'd love to find those as well.
  10. Sooooo pretty... and different.

  11. ^^ i totally agree! i could only imagine how the shoes look like..ahhh, totally cute. and as you said, different, that's what i like about it the most!
  12. lucky lucky you! you have the shoes!:wlae:
  13. I haven't had much luck finding these bags at the outlets or on Ebay! :sad:

    The hobo or satchel in midnight blue is definitely going to be one of my next buys, if I ever find one!:yes: