Blue & White striped lining

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  1. I have a new found love (and respect) for the blue and white striped lining. I have about 4 bags with this lining and I really love the way it pops. I think this lining is beautiful! I have to admit that if I was buying.. say a.. pink bag, I don't think I'd want the blue & white striped lining but with the color bags that I do have this lining looks fabulous and it really pops against the color.

    Also, I haven't had any problems with my blue & white lining so that's good too.

    I just wanted to pay my respects to this FABULOUS lining! Once I get a couple bags in on monday that have this lining I will post pictures!!

    Carry on..
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  2. I actually really love the blue and white against brown colors and I have it in my jammin purple and it looks great.
  3. I love it too! And I actually DID have problems with my first blue/white lined bag...
    Nonetheless, I think it's fab.
  4. Agreed. It's a really beautiful pop of color with neutral bags and I even like it with my scarlet MAB. The bright red and the bright blue work really well together.
  5. I like the blue/white lining, BUT i still prefer the black and white over the blue stripe. And i prefer fleur de lis over it all :P
  6. I would love to see a black and white striped lining . . .
  7., too! I would love that!

    My faves = FDL and the B & W paisley lining. The great thing about the really popular floral B & W lining, tho is that it is so durable and easy to clean.
  8. I love the Mosaic lining as well. . .so soft
  9. ^bh, Is that what this one is called?:


    This one doesn't seem all that popular, but I love this one, too! (More than the floral B&W, in fact)

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  10. Agree with everyone!!! :P
  11. Yep Lo, that's Mosaic . . . and I :heart: it!

  12. I prefer the b/w linings - all of them. They provide such a great contrast to the lovely RM leathers. However I thought the blue/white lining looked stunning in my chocolate nikki! I think it's a better combo than say b/w lining with chocolate leather!

    I agree that FDL is the best lining ever though! :P
  13. I love the blue/white lining since I own a lot of blue/purple bags! I also love it because it reminds me of school uniforms... lol
  14. I think I prefer b/w linings. I love the floral one in my black MAM, but my Navy Luxe MN looks great with the striped lining.

    If it has to be striped lining on any other color though, I think I might prefer a color of stripes that suits the bag color better. (Black often does that well) I can't picture blue stripe lining looking good with
  15. ^^ Oh, I have to dissagree! The blue & wihite striped lining looks REALLY good against the wine leather- I promise!!

    But I agree that there are some colors that wouldn't look so hot. Most do though:yes: