BLUE Vernis COMING soon ????

  1. OMG is Blue Vernis coming soon ????????? We got amarante inclusion before we got the actual vernis colour. And the new inclusion stuff is Blue
  2. I think that they are just making a blue for the inclusion stuff? I haven't heard of any new blue vernis. They discontinued Indigo a while ago and after amarante, it's probably going to be awhile before a new vernis color. But...let's hope, because it's soooo pretty!
  3. I would love blue vernis!!!! I got my first vernis peice a few weeks ago (amarante cles) and now I want MORE MORE MORE!!! :heart: I guess we'll have to wait and see ;)
  4. we can only hope so
  5. haven't heard anything but then again we hadn't heard about the blue inclusion either it was a total surprise
  6. blue would be nice.
  7. Saw the blue inclusion pieces in all the LV shops in Vegas last week. They truly are TDF! :love:
  8. I have the blue Speedy keyring but I think another member, vuittonamour asked about this at her store and they didn't have any info on a new blue vernis.
    But also, think about it..they have new black and gray Inclusions coming and no news on those colors being made in vernis either.
  9. SAs have said no blue vernis. i heard 2 talking about it, one asked the other if the color would be made in vernis and the other shook her head no.
  10. ^^that's too bad. blue vernis would be so pretty!
  11. Darn it, I wish they would! It would beabsolutely beautiful and a fresh new color in the current vernis palette
  12. Blue vernis would be beautiful. Perhaps in time...
  13. I would love a blue vernis. It would be gorgeous
  14. Oh too bad.. I wonder what WILL be the next colour though.
  15. Blue vernis would be pretty, but we've had indigo, lavendar (not really blue, but kind of) and baby blue, wonder what shade of blue it would be...indigo without the shimmer, maybe? Not sure, but they may be doing the blue inclusion "just because".