Blue Topaz VS. Aquamarine

  1. Hi everyone,
    For my "something blue" fo my wedding, my fiance has agreed to buy me either an aquamarine or blue topaz cocktail ring. Since it is a cocktail ring, I really want that "wow" factor with a large stone.
    I realize that aquamarine is much lighter in color than the topaz, but other than that...which would you choose?
    Is one more valuable/rare/expensive?
    Would one cost much more to get a large stone than the other?
    Please advise & thanks :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. Here's an example of a great blue topaz ring I am looking at:
  3. I've always preferred aquamarine. I believe it's a rarer/more expensive stone but I might be wrong.
  4. that's beautifulllll my advice is...get this ring!!!! lol I love it!
  5. I love aquamarines but I'm not a fan of blue topaz which is, ironically, my birthstone. Good quality aquamarines won't be pale. What a sweet fiance!
  6. I'm a huge fan of blue topaz. They are definitely less expensive. If you love it, go for it. Spend the extra money on other stuff!
  7. Love blue topaz, my birthstone, too! it's more punchier color and less expensive.

    If I want BAM, i'd do topz. Small elegance would be better suited to aquamarine, I think.
  8. If you haven't seen both stones IRL I recommend you do that. Most aqua is too 'washed' out for my liking. The ones with good color saturation are quite pricey compared to any blue topaz colors. To get an aqua stone close to the size & color of the topaz ring you posted would probably cost thousands. Good aqua is more than topaz.
  9. I have both and think that the aquamarine has more beautiful color. The ring that you posted is beautiful ring. Get it if that's what you like. Congratulations!
  10. I prefer aquamarine. The gals are right....good aqua is a beautiful, rich blue color. It is not washed out at all.
  11. The blue topaz ring you posted is gorgeous though and would probably be cheaper than a good aqua stone. Good aqua is expensive.
  12. ^ I agree. Good aquamarine that is not washed out is pricey. I think the really deep colored aqua is hard to find and a lot more expensive than topaz. I think the deep colors are mostly from Brazil? The ring you posted is very pretty.
  13. My husband just got me a beautiful aquamarine ring for our 2nd anniversary. It is beautiful and I love it! I have a lighter blue stone but that's what I wanted--just my personal preference. It isn't as light in real life as it shows in the picture below.
  14. A jeweler told me that blue topaz is irradiated to get to that colour, so I would probably pick an aquamarine. Although that surely has its own treatments...
  15. I like blue topaz i have a ring with it and i love it