Blue Thalassa discontinued?

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  1. I hope not :S, and if so, anyone seen a:
    45cm Blue Thalassa Box Calf Birkin - White Stiching - Palladium HW?
    If so, let me know please :biggrin:
  2. It's not discontinued but it seems to be only avail in Box, Epsom, or Mysore in small leather goods right now.

    No large, large bags like Birkin45 that I have seen.
  3. Moviegirl has a Kelly in thalassa epsom. Other people have mentioned only seeing it in epsom so far.
  4. ^^Wow- I thought thalassa was discontinued entirely! Did they bring it back or am I just dense and it never went away?

    Anyway Thalassa box is gorgeous and I hope you manage to find what you're looking for! Though I thought the 45 size has been discontinued for a while now but who knows.
  5. ^^It appears to be back in epsom for now. It would be nice to see it in box again.