Blue tempete- Need your opinion on this color

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  1. Hi! I am choosing between black matte gator and porosus blue tempete, both are B30. Which one should i get? This will be my first full exotic. I have a b25 touch togo w matte gator, is the B30 matte gator redundant?
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  2. What color is your Birkin Touch? Matte black is a forever classic IMO.
  3. My B25 touch is also black
  4. If there are times your B25 touch isn’t large enough and you find yourself wishing you had a black B30 then getting the B30 in matte black gator isn’t redundant imo. But if u find your B25 the right size for all occasions then i’d Get your next B in a different color.
  5. I would looooooove to see what blue tempete Gator looks like. I would probably choose that because you already have black and the blue will still be subtle but just a little different. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  7. Black matte gator would always be my choice
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  8. Blue Tempete is a very elegant color blue
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