BLUE TAPE on hardware....

  1. i've noticed that hermes uses 2 diff colors of tape on their bags. clear for most of the hardware, but blue for the bottom feet. has anyone seen blue tape anywhere else?? for example: on the turnkey post?? :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Hi pb,I have only seen the blue tape on the bottom feet of all my kelly's and Birkin's.:yes:
  3. Nope, only blue on the feet. And even with that, didn't use to have tape on the feet (on my older Birkins). Or else it was removed prior to me getting the bag.
  4. On one of my birkin, they had the blue tape wrapped around the turnkey...
  5. i don't remember having blue tape at all.....or maybe i was not paying much attention.........
  6. I had adhesive tape over the turnkey of one of my birkins :lol:
  7. I've only seen the blue tape on the feet.
  8. Most of my Birkins had clear plastic film (tape) on HW and blue tape on the feet. BUT!!! Some of them (like 3~4 Birkins) had blue tape (the same blue tape on the feet) on turnkey. I was told that those blue tape on turnkey gets peeled off so easily from showing bags to customers. If your Birkin/Kelly came with those blue tape on turnkey kind of implies that your bag had NOT been shown to anyone OR not that many people.
  9. Recently I've only seen blue tape on the feet, but it's possible some of my older bags may have had blue tape on the turnkey....I can't remember precisely.
  10. THANK U!! this helps ease any "fake" suspicions regarding a bag i'm considering from a reseller. everything looks good except for this blue tape on the turnkey. now i know it is possible to have this........
  11. PBC woo..spill the beans!!
    (blue tape on feet of my kelly).
  12. ^^^ haha!! i just paid the seller. hint: it has GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh yes, and even better, DH has NO IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. PLEASE DON'T TEASE US!!!! What did you get:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: ?
  14. Whoa! Scored!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Congratulations!!
    Can't wait to see what it is!!!!!!
    Lots of action shots to come!! yippie!!!
  15. Ooohhh what a tease PBC.
    Spill it!!!