Blue Suede Carly??!!

  1. Hey!!

    I went to my Coach store today and they have the blue suede carly on for $345, regular price $690 it said.

    Do any of you have this bag or any thoughts??

    Also do you think the light blue handles are too summery..or COULD i use this in the winter? I probably want something I can use all year round.

    I put it on my shoulder and I really loved how it looked..a lot!! :yahoo: I just don't know if its too summery...

    Thank you!!
  2. I think most blues can be used year round, espcially this blue.

    It's blue like the summer sky and blue like the winter winds...
  3. You could think of it like icy blue!! Think of icicles and snowflakes!!
  4. i actually think it would work very well in winter with whites since its such a 'winter color'.
  5. Ok thanks guys! I am so excited! This will be my first Coach bag! I originally wanted something with the signature print - but after trying this on I think I have to have it!

    Its 350$ a good price to pay for this you think?
  6. i think its gorgeous but i have to be honest

    that bag is entirely of suede and suede is high maintenance

    if you are the kind of girl that throws your bag around or is a bit clumsy (like me) i wouldn't get it unless you are fully aware that it will get dirty and will not be easy to clean

    the suede is basically like...fur? or hair on it. once it gets dirty there is a kit that comes with it that can rub off or scrape off the dirt but that will shorten the hair and as you can imagine it can only be done so many times and is not always 100% effective.

    just gotta throw that out there

    BUT i have seen customers with suede bags that are years old and its in absolute gorgeous light colors as well as dark.

    so you just really have to ask yourself if you get it, can you take care of it? if you can, go for it!

    if not, even at 300+ its kind of expensive for a bag that can't really be cleaned
  7. I have to agree with this. I :heart: that bag BUT I'd be terrified of it getting dirty and my own paranoia would drive me crazy. I will say that if you get it, you definitely have to use some sort of suede protectant on it, though I have no idea what you'd use.
  8. Thats a good point - thank you!! It probably wouldn't look as nice once it was used a bit...I've never had a suede purse!
  9. I have seen these all over at the outlets, I personally would be too worried with it being suede.. but get it if you love it! :tup:
  10. I wouldn't worry about the color being too summery but I hate to warn you too about suede. I owned a coach suede in peach color before and I take good care of my bag. But there is something about suede and time, it doesn't go well together. Although if you really take care of it, and it doesn't look dirty but once it's old it doesn't look as good anymore.. :crybaby: But the bag is really beautiful and I would buy it to carry occasionally but not everyday. :smile:
  11. I love that bag too!!! Macys has one on hold for me for 300 but i keep telling myself, for a bag i can barely clean, it better be under 200