Blue Suede Alex 50% off!!!!

  1. Hey guys! has reduced their sale items to 50% off and they have quite a few blued suede Alex's! I know a few of you were looking for this bag if it got that cheap, so here's a link! :yahoo:
  2. Ooops! The above link doesn't seem to work, that was for my shopping cart so that I could see how many were in stock!

    Here's a link to the blue suede Alex, but the site is REALLY slow for me right now, there are probably a ton of people on there. Anyway, a few min. ago there were at least 5 blue suede Alex bags! :tup:
  3. I can't get thru to the website...all you Choo girls get off for a minute!!!!
  4. OK, that second link did work for me! $987 in blue suede!! Go get it!! :yahoo:
  5. I can't get the website to pull up - says "server error" - I tryed several times :O
  6. OK...nothing I want there. Did anybody else get anything?
  7. I cannot get it to pull up. There must be lots of traffic to the site, it is 7:42pm in London right now.
  8. It took quite awhile for me to get in. Don't click on the picture link, go to the drop down to on "view all" once it comes up so you can see what's left, otherwise it will default when you try to go to the next page.
  9. I keep getting error messages.

    Must be all of our 'lurkers', :roflmfao:

    I think they are sold out
  10. Problem is - I can sign in, get it in basket, but it comes up full price
    when I go to checkout. I called twice, but no help over the phone either :cursing:
  11. Oh, well that is a bother! Maybe the blue isn't on sale?? Only the cognac?
  12. CS said the same issue came up with the cognac.
    Someone had already called in like me and try and buy it 4 half off.
    The whole site is messed up!
  13. Wow...that is REALLY frustrating! Sort of like dangling a carrot on a stick in front of a Choo lover! :hysteric:

    Hopefully they'll get if fixed ASAP!
  14. I have it in my cart and all ready to check out! Anyone want it still??