blue stonewashed nikki

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  1. does anyone own this bag? i know it was from last season bags. but just curious if anyone owns this bag. there is a picture of leighton meisser with this bag and its absolutely beautiful.. just curious if anyone has pictures and if there is anyway possible to still get that in that color...
  2. I'm interested too, cuz I love this bag! I'd love to see more pictures of it.
  3. i see nite blue... where's the blue stone?
  4. ^^Click on the picture of the brown nikki.
  5. The blue stone wash is showing as out of stock.

  6. these bags are amazing!!!! the royal color is gorge too!!! :smile: thanks for posting! :smile:
  7. WOW!!! I love the them!
  8. Thanks. I think Nikki is really my favorite RM style. It slouches so beatifully and feels very comfortable on the shoulder. It hold a lot and looks very casual chic. I was thinking about getting a yellow nikki but of course it is really hard to find now. Sigh. Hopefully Rebecca will come out with more nikkis in beautiful colors in the future.