Blue Stam..

  1. Hi guys.. I'm falling in love for the Blue Stam... But unfortunately, I have no idea where to look and where to find? Can you please help me locating a blue stam? Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. They might still be available, if you're referring to the Blue stam from this past spring. Give some calls around, esp to the MJ boutique - they might be in stock there.
  3. ^Thanks ThiThi! What color is that blue?? Because I wanted the petrol blue color.. Is it still available?
  4. Sadly, petrol is definitely not available in stam anymore. Only Spring 07's Blue can be found which is more like a cobalt blue.
  5. Awww... That's bad.. :sad: I just fell in love with the petrol stam lately.. But I kept on trying on the stam bag.. I still feel heavy with it! huhuhu!
  6. This one?


    I looooooooooove it, and wish I had bought one when I had the chance & the $!
  7. Yes, Yes! That one!! Ohhh I love that color!! It's soo gorgeous!!
  8. Found it! :biggrin: Getting it paid by now! :biggrin:
  9. ^ Congrats!! I saw the auction... good deal!
  10. congrats! the blue stam looks amazing. please post some pictures when you get it. i would love to see how it looks outside of a stock photo.
  11. Unfortunately.. I wasn't able to get it... I was supposed to sell my 2 Chanel bags and 1 Limited Edition LV in exchange to this blue stam and some new purses.. But unfortunately.. it was a scam.. She got my bags and I was left with no money at all.. :sad: huhu! I want to cry about what happened!! :sad:
  12. What do you mean? That's terrible! I can't believe it was a scam!! I hope you filed a paypal claim!
  13. Hi all, I have just joined (or well started posting) and I know that we were all watching that gorgeous bright blue stam last week. I checked eBay tonight and someone has stolen the pics and text of that auction and put their fake "watermark" over the pics. It has tons of bids already and I wanted to give everyone the heads up. I am not sure how to report since it is not me listing so I can't report for stolen text but please advise as this is just horrid! Is this the bag you are talking about?