Blue Spy!!

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  1. I am not sure if this was posted as yet but Saks has the Blue spy right now on their website.

    It looks really nice (imo)
  2. I apologize guys. I was a little over zealous with the last thread. They are having preorders for the black and cognac spys only. There is only a picture of the blue spy.:sad:
  3. That's a dirty trick Saks did. Show the blue, but only offer black and brown. Sheesh!
  4. funny, I was just tricked looking at that too!

  5. wow! i do like the blue! but how sad is that? they should at least change their pic!
  6. i hate when department stores don't have pics of all the different colors or use the pic of a color is actually sold out.
  7. I also hate when you can't see the bag in the colors available. You think by now all websites should be able to do that! Umm...I think I just said the same thing but in diff words, Amanda. Sorry =)
  8. lol, that's ok, it sucks enough to be reiterated.
  9. And great minds think alike ! ;)

    That's such a bummer, the blue is so beautiful.
  10. does it seriously say the bag may not ship until december 30th..holy moly...:wacko:
  11. Is that cognac a different shade than past season's cognac? I just cancelled my black preorder for the cognac, but looking at the color swatch, I'm thinking I may have made a mistake. It looks like a much lighter leather than the usual cognac.
  12. I don't see a photo of the blue spy, but I see one of the honey. Why do I keep going to look at this bag? I used to not like it at all, but it's growing on me ........ :shame:
  13. I think they just republished the same page from the last time the bags were on pre-order - last December. When I ordered my black spy Dec. 21, it was the same page - picture of a petrol bag - with the same ad copy.

    When you put the bag in your cart, it says it's expected to ship 3/15/06. I think Saks was just lazy and didn't quality control their page before publishing.

    Or I'm wrong, and in that case, they're nuts.
  14. Pretty!
  15. Oohh la la... I like the blue spy. How come they have 2 versions of black, one that comes around 3/15 and the other one that comes around 4/14? :weird: