Blue Roof Denim - 50% off STOREWIDE 7/16-7/18

  1. Got an email this morning - Blue Roof Denim, 50% off all merchandise (does not include clearance merchandise), due to a "software snafu" no code required, discount is applied @ checkout!!
  2. awesome. thank you!
  3. thanks for posting! Great deal on the Whitney sunglasses.
  4. thanks for the post! i've been looking for some new citizens =)
  5. Just what I needed. Thanks for posting!!!

    I'm bout to get a Tom Ford sunnies and a few jeans
  6. Hmmm, has anyone acutally purchased for this website before? Are the jeans authentic? Sorry, I'm really anal about jeans!
  7. I did! I bought a William Rast jeans from them about half a year ago when they had a 50% off for new year. Definitely authentic store/site! :tup:

    And this morning I purchased 3 jeans and Tom Ford sunnies :yahoo: