Blue roi Rggh town or black rggh town?

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Blue roi rggh or black rggh town

  1. Blue roi rggh town

  2. Black rggh town

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  1. Hi, need ur help ladies...

    I got the rggh black town recently but sadly had to return because leather was peeling. Now i am looking to get another replacement. I kind of fell in love with the blue roi rggh town as well, but that is provided the colour Representation on photo is accurate.

    Can u tell me ur opinion. Black rggh town or blue roi rggh town?

    If u have pictures of blue roi rggh combi under different lighting it will be very helpful. Thanks!"
  2. Any pictures or description of blue roi would be appreciated... Thks!
  3. I have seen both, and, if I did not already have it in Black RH, would have bought the one that I thought was most striking and most versatile of the two there: the Black RGGH Town.

    I love the combination of RGGH with the Black more than the Bleu Roi - mainly because I wear jeans so much, and don't like the matchy-matchy effect of the Bleu Roi against my clothes. I am also a sucker for wearing red and emerald coloured tops and shoes, so I felt that the Black is better against those colours. I found the Bleu Roi looked too much like a flag on me (Blue with Red and Blue with Bright Green).

    Plus I feel the pink of the RGGH looks funny against the very blue tones of Bleu Roi: but that is just my eye, as there are lost of girls out there who love their Bleu Roi with RGGH, and who look great carrying it.

    To answer your question - the Bleu Roi is a definite blue - no green or grey undertones. It looks like a shade of one of the blue jean denim washes.
  4. i'd go with black!! peeling leather! yikes!! i have a gsh black town w/fab leather.
  5. I thought about it too. i think i'll wait for the black. I hope there is still one out there.
  6. Bleu Roi RGGH Town for sure...because u can get Black RGGH Town anytime :biggrin:
  7. the black rggh town is gorgeous... get it. and was it the one from hgbags? i'm sorry! ;(