Blue Roi Kelly is Home

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: OMG She is here. She arrived just an hour ago. I am so excited. She is beautiful. Her color is spectacular. I have been staring at her for an hour now and carressing her. I finally got my dream bag. I will post pics as sson as I can get my daughter to do this for me.:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats, I am so pleased for you!
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures!
  4. WoooHoooo!!!! YEAH!!!! Congratulations, Purse Lover!!!!! I know you will adore this bag....there's nothing quite like Chevre leather!!!! Use her often and enjoy!!!!!!!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS,:yahoo: I love that color!:love: pictures?:yes:
  6. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:

    Oh, and by the way...does that mean since you now have your dream bag there will be no more Hermes for you?:lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. I love happy endings!
  8. congrats!!! blue roi on chevre is soo demure!
  9. Okay Kellybag you got me. She is my dream bag for now one can never have to many hermes bags. Just give me about 6 months and I'm sure I'll be pining for another.:roflmfao: :flowers:
  10. ^ darn straight! Congrats!!
  11. Oh that is one gorg bag! Enjoy...
  12. can't wait to see pics! congratulations!
  13. CONGRATS!!! Is this the blue roi kelly that was in the ebay finds thread??? If it is, you got urself a beauty!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new baby!! Post some modeling pics too!!!:graucho:
  14. Congrates! Pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Congrats!!! :yahoo:

    :graucho: I doubt it will take that long until you start wanting another! ;)