Blue Quilted "Ursula" Elise... Swoon

  1. Saw this pic of Paris Hilton carrying the blue ursula type Elise. not a fan of paris but the bag looks so good....

    I've never seen a blue ursula bag ... it could be new and i'm just not up to date =P

    i was just drooling..... :drool:

    thought i'd share the pic!
    paris_hilton ELISE.jpg
  2. It's one of those rare coveted bags, the Midnight Ursula.... I love that color!
  3. Now why didn't i guess it's a rare one?!?!

    I so love it!!!
  4. mmmmm...patent leather ursula elise.....:drool:

    I guess Paris does have "some" fashion sense...this bag is GORGEOUS!!!!
  5. Yes, it is a gorgeous bag. And Paris seems to be using it a lot lately!
  6. i dunno. mebi it's just me... but i like my ursula bowler in the shiny blue goatskin so much better... even if i can't sling it over my shoulder like scrawny paris there...
  7. ahhh, the quilted elise, can't wait for my holy grail to arrive!!
  8. I love the midnight ursula elise! In fact, a pic of Paris with her elise is what prompted me to go searching (again) for my midnight ursula bowler! This time, I found the bowler, so I guess I have Paris to thank for that. Scary, haha!
  9. ^ CONGRATS!!!

    so thinking about the midnight elise... :love:
  10. Ahh, the midnight colour on that Ursula is TDF! :drool:

    Does anyone know what styles were produced in midnight colour? How difficult in general it is to find this colour?
  11. that bag is really pretty!!

    I love my new ursula bowler in cola...I need to post some pics :p
  12. Yes, please post pics. That cola color is gorgeous. I like patent, a lot. I always am drawn to patent bags when I am shopping. These quilted patent bags are stunning.
  13. The ones that I know of in the Ursula line are the Elise, Bowler, Hobo and possibly a Tote. This line in a several seasons old and was very popular so it can be difficult to find. I think your only option is eBay. Just remember to have it authenticated before you buy because this line is frequently faked. Good luck!
  14. Thank you for this information! :yes:

    It is a bit shame that there aren't that many styles in darker blue shades. It seems that all MJ dark blue shades (like midnight and petrol) are very sought after.