blue/pink Agenda!


Which Koala Agenda should I buy?

  1. Blue Lining

  2. Rose Lining

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which do you perfer in the Koala Agenda?
    Blue lining or Pink lining???
  2. blue's my favorite color, but in this case i think it might clash too horribly with the monogram. so go for rose :yes:
  3. I vote for pink, just because I love pink.

    But...I didn't know there was one with a blue lining! I've only seen the pink and the terracotta.
  4. There is blue??? Are you sure???
  5. i saw the blue, didn't like it!!!
  6. pink!
  7. I have the pink koala agenda and it's divine. You can't go wrong with pink and brown.
  8. Never seen the blue. Is it light blue or dark blue?
  9. Pink, I can't really imagine it looking good with a blue interior but I would love to be proven wrong, blue is one of my favorite colors.
  10. If its light blue I think I would really like it because light blue and brown look wonderful together!
  11. I like brown and blue together alot...hmmm might have to check this one out!
  12. I love brown and blue together but I think it would look odd with the color of the monogram itself it that makes sense. I don't think the blue has to be really pale, my sofa cushions have a bit of turquoise in them and I think they look great.

    P.S. After looking at the pictures above I changed my mind, the blue is just :love:
    Picture 049.jpg
  13. I like blue and pink with the brown mono. If I picked, I guess I would pick the pink.... but..... blue is just as pretty and seems to be more rare because I havent seen it before today. Okay, I'm no help.:sad:
  14. voted for rose! some members here showed their ones.. and it was just pure :love:
    i was hoping for a more like a baby blue not that dark! :shrugs: