Blue Pigalle Croc? Purple Python? - In my dream? Or did I see them somewhere? Where?

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  1. Did I actually saw one somewhere? If so, where? How much? Was it EB?

    I could've sworn that I saw something in purple python too.... PURPLE PYTHON!

    Do you think these are all special orders?

  2. Ive seen blue croc rolandos at Horatio
  3. Oops, I think the Pigalles in the link I posted are ostrich.
  4. that's the one laureen!! looks like croc indeed... :nuts::drool:
    oh but i would looooove to see ostrich...!!!
  5. ^^I think the blue Pigalles are ostrich, but they are ostrich leg, which is why they don't have the spotty appearance that ostrich skin usually has.
  6. really?? oh wow. i am learning so much in this sub-forum....
    do you know which season that is from?


  7. ^^I think they're coming out this season. If you call the boutiques they might know.
  8. :yes:

  9. :drool::drool::drool:
    do you know if they come in 70 mm?
  10. i just heard that CL Asia is not bringing in ostrich... :crybaby: he said they are not "flashy" enough for the market... :wtf: and that these madams prefers lizards and pythons... :sad:

    but the ostrich are gorgeous....!!! i am going to really feel like slapping someone if the real problem is that the ostrich are not expensive enough as show off pieces.....
  11. I don't know what the retail on the ostrich Pigalles will be, but in previous seasons the retail for ostrich CLs have been around $1600 (I have two, in chocolate and purple) I think croc has been around $4K.

    I think the blue ostrich Pigalles are TDF. Imagine if they made Declics in that material/color :drool:
  12. Those don't look like any ostrich I've ever seen. Marc Jacobs did an Ostrich Stam (see picture), shouldn't they look like that?

    I forget which site I got this picture from, but it was one of the big high-end department stores. Actually I think that came from MJ's website.

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